Blog 1

If I had a million dollars, I would introduce a diverse collection of technology and non-technology literacy support for students who are growing up in our present and evolving digital age.  Firstly, aside from technology itself, I would invest in … Read More

Annotated Bibliography

References Baert, Helena, “The Integration of Technology within Physical Education Teacher Education: Perceptions of the Faculty” (2011). Theses and Dissertations. 203. Retrieved October 31, 2020, from This is a comprehensive paper on the benefits of incorporating technology in the … Read More

Importance of Relationships

Relationships, relationships, relationships! As a future teacher, this is something I have been told and learned about so many times – but this extends out to each individual.  Having and maintaining healthy social connections is proven to increase happiness, lead … Read More

Educating the Educators

Now that we have established some concrete ways you could potentially integrate technology into physical education, it is time to discuss the people who will be doing the integrating – the teachers. Studies have categorized two factors that influence teachers’ … Read More

Inquiry Introduction

When choosing a topic for our inquiry project, we were instantly drawn towards a tech in PE inspired blog as it is something that has always sparked our interest and is something we are interested in learning about. When beginning … Read More

Week Three – Graphics

Good afternoon! Today’s class was engaging and creative.  We were introduced to the Multimedia Learning Theory and image editing.  Our class began with a discussion of true or false, regarding the following quote: “People can learn more deeply from words … Read More

Week Two – OER

This week’s class we learnt a lot about Open Educational Resources (OER) and the fair dealing in relation to copyright-protected content.  I must say, I knew little to none about the differences between free media and open, yet licensed work … Read More

Week One

With one big deep breath, I can officially say I am done week one of fourteen.  As Bachelor host Chris Harrison would say, let the journey begin! This week, as a cohort, we dipped our toes into the learning outcomes … Read More