Green vs. Yellow Bananas – Which is ‘Healthier’?

This is a topic I have always been curious about, as I have heard MANY different variations and opinions.  So I felt it was about time to settle this debate and determine it for myself.  Although, with that being said, I will always prefer my bananas more green than yellow.  I could not tell you exactly why, but the taste and texture just feels right (to me).

Carb Composition

Green bananas contain much more starch, this is called resistant starch.  This specific starch is unable to be digested, but it is often classified as dietary fiber.  They also contain pectin, another dietary fiber.  This fiber is often found in fruits to help maintain their structure.  When a banana overripens, the pectin breaks down which causes the banana to be mushy.  Conversely, yellow bananas contain only 1% starch!  When ripening, this starch is converted into sugars (fructose, glucose, and sucrose).

Infographic created by MissRose on PowerPoint

For the reasons above, green bananas provide excellent health benefits such as maintaining blood sugar levels and supporting one’s digestive health.


This is the one I was most curious to learn more about.  It is said that BOTH green and yellow bananas contain the same high level of nutrients and micronutrients.

Reduce Appetite

An interesting, fun fact I learnt about green bananas is that they help keep you full for longer and will help reduce appetite.  This is because of the high starch levels green bananas contain.  Fiber-rich foods take longer to digest resulting in an appetite-reducing effect.


To conclude, it seems that there is really not much of a difference in nutrients and benefits of a green vs. yellow banana.  I suppose the only large difference is the content of starch vs. sugar.


Glad we sorted that one out together!

xoxo missrose



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