Let’s Wrap this Up!

In our future, with the help of this additional research, we both plan to include technology into PHE classes and other curricula. We weighed out the pros and cons of technology in the gymnasium and gave explicit examples on how it can be introduced. Ultimately, it comes down to the accessibility of technology, resources, and a teacher’s comfort level around the use of technology. With a growth mindset and the willingness to be a learner yourself, it can be a rewarding experience to introduce tech to PHE. A few questions we have moving forward are as followed:

  • How can we make technology resources more accessible to teachers and schools?
  • Are there any grants or proactive ways a teacher could utilize to purchase technology resources?
  • In the future, will there be professional development days to incorporate the use of technology in an educational manner? Directly with a PHE focus. 
  • How does utilizing technology in the classroom reflect and promote the BC curriculum and UDL guidelines?
  • Are there specific guidelines that need to be followed in relation to parent permission?

Included below is a link to our annotated bibliography with all the resources we used for this assignment plus a few additional related ones. Please feel free to go through this and continue to learn about the wonders of technology in relation to PE!  *The annotated bibliography is now available on a post of it’s own.  See the category, EdTech Inquiry for more. 



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